Five Things Every Married Person Needs To Hear About Divorce (Part 2)

If you reside in the Tampa Bay area and are having marital problems, it is likely that you have or will consult with a divorce lawyer. Before meeting with a divorce attorney, there are five things that you need to hear about a divorce. In our last blog, we discussed two of the five things that you should know before speaking to your marital and family law divorce attorney in Florida. Today we will discuss the remaining three topics.

Hire A Lawyer Who Will Work With You

Educate yourself about your rights so that you can direct your lawyer. You need to make decisions with your lawyer together. End you professional relationship with a lawyer that you feel uncomfortable with sooner rather than later.

Face Today’s Tough Economy

The current economic climate has made divorce more complex than ever. Because a couple’s most valuable asset is often their home, and most homes have lost some if not all of their value, selling a home and splitting the sale 50-50 is less attractive than ever. Many couples are putting off divorce until their financial situation improves. This way, homes and investment portfolios do not have to be sold and split with neither party making any money. Speak with your lawyer about the various financial scenarios that could come out of your divorce.

Consider Legal Alternatives

For couples that are going to be amicable, collaborative law may be an option. Other couples may consider attending mediation as soon as possible. In mediation, an independent third party helps the husband and wife reach a marital settlement agreement. Lawyers are present during the mediation process to advise their clients.

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