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Enforcement Issues

Enforcement of Child Support and Alimony Attorney in Florida
Failure by parties to comply with orders for child support and alimony oftentimes cause extreme duress to the party relying on that payment to support his or her basic needs. The most effective means of compelling this payment is to motion the court for an order enforcing the prior agreement. At the Bowes Law Group, we have extensive experience at guiding clients through this process.

In addition, we advise people facing enforcement proceedings who need advice and legal assistance with working out the details of a payment plan or revised visitation arrangement. Enforcement actions can also help parents whose child custody or visitation rights are unreasonably frustrated by the other parent.

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Enforcement of Parenting Plan

Failure by a party to comply with the terms of a parenting plan oftentimes causes duress on both the parties and the child(ren). Sometimes, the most effective means to get a party to comply with his/her obligations is to file a Motion to Enforce or a Motion for Contempt. This serves to enforce the terms of the original order and notify the Judge that one of the parties is refusing to comply. Sometimes Motions to Enforce can serve as a precursor to a Petition for Modification as well.

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